Humming House

Holy photos!

Well, it’s taken some time - but we’ve finally linked our Tumblr to our Instagram account.  So prepare to get photoblasted.

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Thank you kindly, Indie Jane.


Humming House “Breakfast”:::While you eat your breakfast, watch this live session from a fun, talented modern folk/bluegrass band out of Nashville. Really like this song from their self-titled debut that just dropped this year. Their new album “Live at the Red Clay Theatre” is available at for free. This song is on it.

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Sure, you posted this forever ago… but you’re still making us blush :)


[Cold Chicago — Humming House]

Oh me. Oh my. Thanks to meetmeinmarietta, I’ve lost my heart yet again to another talented band.

And in looking at their tour dates, I’m wondering if there might be a roadtrip in my near future to further solidify this love connection.

You guys down?


my newest obsession as of 30 minutes ago.  i texted amanda about this band before the song was even over.  safe to say it will be stuck in my head for a week or longer.  enjoy.

margaret rose

Haha, yes!  We all want Kristen to sing more… and she does now!  Come see us live sometime, she’s all over the place.  She even bangs a drum!


Humming House

Gypsy Django

Just got it’s feet in Nashville, pretty sure you’ll start hearing them all over. Their CD release party last week was packed. They have a familiar, easy-to-like upbeat sound. They are pleasantly hipster. There’s not much controversy here, just nice music. Honestly, I wish the girl would sing more, I love her.

Oh Lord.  This video seems so ancient because… well, it’s ancient! A live recording of the song, too.  But hey, it was some great lo-budget fun.  Make sure you check out the fancy, final version of the song too (posted previously) - sponsored by Stetson.


Cold Chicago (Humming House)

My friend Mike showed me this band a few days ago and I can’t stop listening.  The music video is spectacular and the band is too I hope they stop by AZ sometime.  

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That’s us.  Kicking days’ butts, one day at a time…


Humming House - Gypsy Django (by HummingHouseTV)

This song is helping me kick today’s butt, I really do love the feel of the music Humming House has created.

I originally download this song for free at Brite Revolution but it’s no longer available so go ahead and download the other ones that are, you won’t be disappointed.